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I am not going to die.
I'm going home like a shooting star.


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Turn ons:


  • Seeing someone bite their lower lip
  • Having someone bite my lower lip
  • Being pinned against a wall
  • Back scratches 
  • Hickeys
  • Neck kissing
  • Neck biting
  • Putting my hand where you want to be touched
  • Heavy breathing
  • Moaning
  • Seeing your reaction
  • Secretly teasing one another in puplic
  • Booty
  • Boobs

(via anything-lesbian)

What turns me on in a guy →


I get asked this constantly and I can barely answer this because I get so flustered.
But I finally took time to create a list of what is highly appealing in guys.

1.Guys who wear thick rimmed glasses or glasses in general. But I love buddy holly styled glasses.
2.Guys with tattoos…hot.

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